Day 1 Background Research

Directions: Research and answer the following 12 questions in complete sentences on binder paper.


1. What are Newtons 3 laws of motion?


2. What is the Engineering Design Process? What are the steps in this process?


3. What are variables? What is a dependent and independent variable?


4. If you were to drop an egg from a high elevation, what do you PREDICT would happen?


5. What is gravity? What is the speed of gravity; how fast would an unprotected egg fall?


6. Will the egg ever reach the speed of gravity (aka free fall)? Why or why not?

7. What is air resistance? And what are the 2 most common factors that have an affect of air resistance?

8. Why do more massive objects fall faster than less massive objects?


9. What is momentum? How is it changed?

10. What is an impluse in physics?


11. There are 3 collisons in a crash, what are they and explain what happens.






12. Name at least 5 safety features of a car.