Friction Make-Up Assignment


1. In the picture below, explain why the bear fell.  Use FRICTION to explain your answer.




2.  How does surface roughness affect friction?

3.  Discuss the relationship between the size and weight of an object and the amount of friction that is present

4.  Analyze how friction can be both a positive and negative aspect in our everyday lives. Use examples to support your statements.

5.  Sports such as soccer involve running, stopping, jumping, and kicking. Discuss how friction helps players.

6.  Tommy and John are trying to move a large table.  John pushes with a force of 1150N and Tommy helps him by pushing on the same side of the table with a force of 800N.  Sketch the individual forces exerted on the table and then calculate and show the net force exerted on the table.

7. Two teams are competing in a tug-of-war contest.  Team A is pulling at 4000N and Team B is pulling at 4900N is the opposite direction.  Sketch the forces and show the net force exerted.  Which team is winning?  Is this force balanced or unbalanced?