Sparks Neighborhood Health Profile Indicators

Physical Built Environment

Social Environment

Economic Environment

Service Environment

A great place to start: 


In a group, gather the necessary information to develop a health profile of our neighborhood.

  • The challenge is to develop a “snapshot” of the health-protective and health-threatening characteristics of the neighborhood for your assigned environment.

  • Looking over our lists of health indicators, groups should identify potential sources for information on each indicator. What data sources are already available? What kind of observations or surveys can they conduct themselves?

4 Environments Assignment:


1.Provide a definition for each of the 4 environment types .

2.Then, identify possible protective and risk features shaping living conditions and thus health. Draw from the readings, the “Place Matters” video, and the Features Table we created.

       Read pages 6 – 10; pages 22 – 46

       Read pages 1 – 8

       Read entire document