Class Powerpoints

Week 1

1/11-1/15   Speed and Motion

This week, we explored motion and learned that Speed=Distance/Time

Week 2

1/19-1/22   SHARE: Sexuality Health and Responsibility Education

This week, the WCSD SHARE curriculum was taught. You can find more information on SHARE here:

Week 3


This week we will further explore Motion and Speed.

Week 4

1/1-1/5 Forces and Motion

This week, we were introduced Forces and Changes in Motion.

Week 5

2/8-2/12 Gravity

This week we will explore Gravity and equal opportunity force.

Week 6

2/16-2/19 Newton's Laws, Changes in Motion, & Gravity 

This week we will examine Newton's Laws and continue to apply our knowledge on Changes in Motion and Gravity.

Week 7

2/22-2/26 Newton's Second & Third Laws

This week we will complete labs using Newton's 2nd and 3rd Laws. (Balloon Lab!)

Week 8

2/29- 3/4 Swinging Energy

This week we will explore Potential and Kinetic Energy and Forces.

Week 9

3/6- 3/11 


Week 10

3/14-3/18 BMA 3

This week we will review and take our third BMA.

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Motion Vocabulary Project

Motion Vocabulary Project