Class Powerpoints

Week 2

8/17/15-8/21/15   What is Matter?

This week, we set up our Interactive Science Notebooks and were introduced to Properties of Matter.

Week 3

8/24/15-8/28/15   Properties of Matter

This week, we learned about properties of matter and phase changes.

Week 4

8/31/15-9/4/15   Density and Conservation of Matter

This week, we took our MAP tests and reviewed properties of matter, phase changes, and density.

Week 5

9/8/15-9/11/15   Potential and Kinetic Energy

This week, we were introduced to Potential and Kinetic energy. We also explored the 8 Forms of Energy ("Cam Newton Got Really Excited Making Stinky Tacos!").

Week 6

9/14/15-9/18/15   Forms of Energy

This week, we examined Forms of Energy in an 8 station lab. We also learned about Thermal Energy and heat transfer.

Week 7

9/21/15-9/25/15   Atoms

This week we learned about atoms and their subatomic particles.

Week 8

9/28/15-10/2/15   Atomic Modeling

Project week! This week we independently researched an assigned element, created a whole class "Periodic Table of Gators," and designed atomic models in our lab teams.

Week 9

This week, we took our BMA and reviewed key concepts.

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9/23/15: This assignment will be completed on our classroom iPads, but may also be done on your household iPad/tablet. Simply download the NOVA: Hunting the Elements App and complete this virtual lab worksheet: