Squid Dissection Pre Lab

1. Use the following diagrams to label the anatomical parts of the squid that you will be looking for in your dissection: 

2. Read through the virtual dissection of a squid lab procedures:         https://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/squid_virtual.html

Then, answer the following pre-lab questions:

        1. How many arms does the squid have? _____ How many tentacles? ______
        2. What is the function of the arms and tentacles? ______________________
        3. What is the function of the water jet? ____________________________
        4. Name two features that are adaptations for the squid's predatory life. _________________________
        5. Name two traits that the squid shares with other mollusks. ____________________________
        6. To what kingdom does a squid belong? __________________ What phylum? ________________
            What class? _________________________________

        7. Name one other organisms in the same CLASS ________________________________________

         8. What is the function of the ? ______________________________________

         9. Where does waste exit the squid? (be specific) ______________________________

3. Watch the following video on how to dissect a squid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaNrQrwlCQ4 

Write down the steps you will need to follow in your dissection Monday.

4. Check out the anatomy of the colossal giant squid!    http://squid.tepapa.govt.nz/anatomy/interactive

5. Create your own squid! http://squid.tepapa.govt.nz/build-a-squid/interactive​