Thank you to every Lady Lion that took a chance on trying out for volleyball. 

If your name is listed below, you made the team.


Congratulations, Lady Lions!

Practice starts at 2:15 sharp on Monday.

Practice will be from 2:15-4 pm Mon, Tues, and Thurs.

Abigail Ruiz

Aileen Guillen

Bonita David

Clarissa Gonzalez

Delilah Maldanado

Elizabeth Goode

Isabel Tinajero

Isabella Gaither

Jasmine Layco

Jayla Bell

Jesslyn Herrera

Lumi Jennop

Lynna Yembu

Mairana Alvarez

Mele Peaua

Momielani Bettere

Mshanty Jacob

Payton McKenzie

Selena Fernandez

Sheetal Bassi

Sienna Hunt

Taylor McGowan

Trasey Leander Raspela

Yoselyn Villarruel

Mrs. Arnold

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